Qi Youju, professor of Zhejiang RTVU, is involved in the course instructing for the Data Structure, Object-oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Software Engineering, and Computer Networks courses. She also holds the position of vice-director of the Department of Computer Science and Technology.

She has publicly published works and textbooks including Practical Guide to Computer Cultural Basics and Modern Distance Education: Digitized Learning Skills. She has also published seven national-level textbooks for higher vocational colleges, including C-Language Program Design, and Samples and Exercises for C-Language Programme Design.

Her published articles include The Design and Practice of Project Training in Online Education, Project Training-Based Course Practice and Distance Open Experimental Teaching Platform Construction Technology.

She has participated in over 10 research projects including Zhejiang Education Department’s “A Teaching Reform Exploration of Project-Based Language Program me Design” scientific research project, the Zhejiang province’s key construction textbook project “VISUAL BASIC Language Program Design and Software Development”, and the “The Study and Practice of Open Education Teaching Model for Computer Operating System Courses” research project.