Liu Handong, professor, doctor of science and doctoral supervisor, is chief editor of the textbook for the Rock-soil Mechanics course and is vice president of North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power.
He has received awards including “Henan Province Innovative Talent”, “Academic and Technical Leader of Henan Province”, and “Second Level National Talent Candidate ”, and receives a special government allowance from the State Council. He is director of the Key Laboratory of Rock and Soil Mechanics and Structural Engineering of Henan Province; chairman of the Ministry of Education Teaching Steering Committee on Water Resources and the Water Environment; and vice chairman of the Teaching Steering Committee for Water Conservancy Subjects. He holds positions including member of IAEG and ISRM; executive member of the China Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering; deputy director of the Specialized Reconnaissance Committee of Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society; secretary general of Henan Province Rock Mechanics; and vice chairman of Henan Hydraulic Engineering Society. He has jointly supervised four doctors and supervised 53 postgraduate students. In recent years, he has led and completed 38 scientific research projects at the national and provincial levels, and published 116 papers, of which 22 are included in SCI and EI, along with five monographs and four textbooks. He has won two second prizes and four third prizes for scientific and technological progress at the province and ministry-level, and two first prizes for provincial teaching achievements.