Zhang Maolin, associate professor, is a course lecturer for the Operating Systems of the OUC’s undergraduate computer science and technology programme. He graduated from the Department of Automatic Control of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1992, and completed his postgraduate education at the Computer Department of the same university in 1992. He is an associate professor at the Computing School of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

 Zhang has been engaged in research on software engineering, and software testing technology and tools for many years.

 He has successively participated in a key software engineering project for the 7th Five-Year Plan of the Ministry of Aviation, taken charge of developing C software testing tool on the VAX/VMS platform, and participated in the “CADCSC computer aided design of control system of China” study, which was a major project included in the national natural science foundation, and the “Integrated software engineering environment: Silver Eagle Software” project included in the key projects of China Aviation Industry Corps for the 8th Five-Year Plan. He was also chief developer of “UI tool cabinet – VAX/WINDOWS”.

 His dissertation works include Practical Operating Systems Study Course published by Tsinghua University Press in 2004; Information System Testing published by the CCRTVU Press in 2005; Re-use of Structural Members During the Process of Software Development published by China Financial Computing in 1998, Issue 8; Quality Control During Software Product Development published by Experimental Technology and Management in December 1998, Volume 15, Issue 6; A Teamwork Collaboration Model of Software Integration Testing and its characteristics published by Journal of Software in 2000, Issue 4; Research on Workflow Applications in MIS systems published by Microcomputer Development in 2005, Issue 4; Target-oriented Software Testing Procedures published by Collected Essays from National Academic Conferences on Software and Applications in October 2005; and MVC Pattern-based Design of Driven Framework of White-box Testing published by Computer & Digital Engineering in 2006, Issue 10. He has acted as chief lecturer for courses such as The UNIX Programming Environment, Introduction to Computer Science, Operating Systems, and C Language Programming Design.