Professor Wu Gang is a doctoral supervisor at Beijing Forestry University’s School of Information Science and Technology. He is also the principal of the disciplines of information management, and system and management science and engineering; member of both the China Association for Information Systems (CNAIS) and the China Association for Geographic Information System (CAGIS); and enterprise information management audit expert for the National Qualification Certificate Examination. He is mainly engaged in teaching and research on the information management of forest resources, including decision support systems and system integration, information security, and electronic business. He has instructed courses such as Electronic Business, Mathematical Management Methods, Digitization, Operational Research, Control and Decision Making in Forestry, Management System Simulation, Economic Information Management, the Application of Applied Software, and Decision Support Systems. He has also complied two textbooks: Managing the Operation of Digitization and Information Resource Management. He has undertaken a number of scientific research projects at the local and national level and published dozens of papers and books. Projects he has led or participated in, including “The research and construction of management information systems for forestry”, “A monitoring system for third-level local forestry resources”, “An information management system for operating forestry centres”, “Research on the management theory of macro forestry resources”, and “An information management system for forest fires at forestry centres”, have won many awards for scientific and technological advancement from the Ministry of Forestry and the Beijing Forestry Bureau. He also reserves several software copyrights.