Professor Cui Lin is a course leader at the OUC (formerly CCRTVU) School of Engineering. He graduated from Tsinghua University’s Department of Computer Science and Technology in 1985, obtained a master’s degree from the School of Computer Science and Technology at Beijing Institute of Technology in 1994, and graduated with a doctorate from the School of Computer Science at Beijing Institute of Technology in 2005. He has been engaged in research on areas such as expert systems, data mining, web-based personalization, and computer education for many years. He has published more than 20 academic papers, including ACM Turing Award: An Epitomized History of Computing in the Twentieth Century, The IEEE Computer Society Computer Pioneer Award: A History of Inventions in Computer Science and Technology, Guide to Computer Science and Technology, The Basics of Programming, and Introduction to Computers. He has instructed on courses such as Data Structure, Discrete Mathematics, Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Expert System for undergraduate, diploma and postgraduate computer science students. He has organized and completed two projects funded by the Henan Province Natural Science Fund, and participated in a number of national and Ministry of Education (MOE) research projects. He now serves as graduate dissertation supervisor for the Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Science; computer engineering master’s supervisor at Beijing University of Technology; senior member of the China Computer Federation (CCF); member of the CCF Education Committee; member of the OUC Academic Board; and vice director of the Academic Committee of the OUC Library.

Major Research Projects:

  1. The MOE’s “Research on the continuing education system structure of national advanced engineering” project;
  2. The “Research on the shared mechanism of joint storehouse resources in the national distance education resource library” project as part of the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan;
  3. The MOE-MOF “Construction of a e-learning resource centrefor online education” joint project;
  4. The MOE’s “Data mining on the e-learning process” project.