1.Training objectives and standards
This programme is designed to prepare students to be advanced, skill-oriented professionals, equipped with the necessary knowledge of computer information management and relevant skills and competencies for career opportunities in management, with solid computer operation and information management skills. Graduates should be patriotic and have strong moral fiber.
Based on enterprise requirements and oriented by post adaptability, graduates are required to have the following qualities and skills with a certain level of theoretical knowledge and relatively strong practical ability:
(1) Basic qualities:
High political, ideological, legal and moral quality;
Good scientific and cultural knowledge;
Strong expression and communication ability;
A spirit of enthusiasm and cooperation;
Good professional ethics.
(2)Technical application skills
Basic ability computer operation skills;
Strong skills in using new office software;
Strong ability in the collection, classification, sorting and analysis of
Database system application skils;
Computer information management and application;
Skills applicable to career opportunities in similar fields, as well as adaptability
to occupational changes in terms of starting their own business.

II.Core courses
Introduction to Computer Applications, Introduction to Practical Network Techniques, Information Management Systems, The Foundations and Applications of Databases, Web Page Design with Dreamweaver, Information Management and Operation, ERP Principles and Applications.

III. Graduation
The minimum number of credits required for graduation is 76. Graduates obtaining the required number of credits are awarded a nationally-recognized diploma of higher education.