1.Training objectives and standards
The course aims to foster the all-round ethical, physical and intellectual development of students in line with the needs of the hydraulic and hydropower industry. Graduates should be specialized technical professionals equipped with the skills and competencies required for water resources management, and the construction, operation, and management of hydraulic and hydropower projects.

Graduates should love the country and their work. They should be law-abiding and morally sound.

Graduates should meet the following requirements for professional knowledge:
(1) Graduates should possess a basic knowledge of humanities and the social sciences;
(2) Graduates should possess basic mathematics skills, as well as a foreign language relevant to the course;
(3) Graduates should possess a basic knowledge of hydraulic engineering drawing and measurement,
(4) Graduates should possess a basic knowledge of water resource management, and hydraulic and hydropower engineering construction, operation, and management.

2.Core courses
The Basics of Advanced Mathematics, Introduction to Architectural Drawing, Architectural Mechanics, Hydraulic Engineering Survey, Construction Materials, Hydraulics, Hydraulic Structures, Hydraulic Engineering Construction, Water Resource Management, Construction Project Management, Water Regulations and Administrative Law Enforcement, The Basics of Hydraulic Reinforced Concrete Structures, Hydraulic Engineering Geology, and Flood Control Technology.

3. Graduation
The minimum number of credits required for graduation is 76. Graduates obtaining the required number of credits are awarded a nationally-recognized diploma of higher education.