1.Training objectives and standards.
The programme aims to foster the all-round ethical, physical and intellectual development of students in line with the needs of the hydraulic and hydropower industry. Graduates should be trained to engage in the design, development and application of computer software and hardware at the grass-roots level.

Students should have a strong sense of patriotism and a desire to strive for national prosperity. They should be dedicated to their work, seek the truth in all they do, love their job and abide by the law. Finally, they should have strong social morals and professional ethics.
Professional requirements:
(1) A solid grasp of the basic knowledge and theory of the profession and the basic skills required for the design, development and application of software and hardware;
(2) Knowledge of the status and trends in science and technology within the profession and a strong ability to acquire knowledge, and to analyze and solve problems;
(3) A relatively good understanding of written English technological materials relevant to the profession.

2.Core courses
Basics of Computer Applications (undergraduate),English II(1)(2), Principles of Computer Organization, C Language Programme Design, Data Structures, Operating Systems, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Networks, Database Application Technology, Software Engineering.
The minimum number of credits required for graduation is 71. Graduates obtaining the required number of credits are awarded a nationally-recognized graduation certificate of higher education and a bachelor of engineering.