Xu Hang is a lecturer and tutor of interior design. In 2008, she graduated from the French Valenciennes Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree, and got Le Diplome National Supérieur d'expression Plastique (DNSEP). She now works as a tutor with CCRTVU (aka OUC), and leads the courses of computer-aided design, logo and layout design, and more.

Paper published:
The Recession and Contemporary Art into the Public Space was published in Architecture & Culture in August, 2012.

Teaching materials compiled with her contribution:
Computer-Aided Design was published in 2011 by CCRTVU Press.

Exhibitions participated:
1. “Petit Archis” Competition Exhibition
2. “2007 Valenciennes Cultural Capital” Design Exhibition
3. Exhibition of Cultural Exchanges “Medway and Valenciennes Sketch”

Design practice:
The extension project of the main building of Bagnolets Visual Art Design School in Paris, working as assistant designer of Opelik et Liegeois Architecture Firm