The junior college programme in Fine Arts Education was first offered in 2009, and is an education programme that is also offered through distance education. The programme will equip students with a professional level education in the basic understanding of fine arts and a mastery of the basic theories of fine art, who will then be qualified for jobs in the primary education and teaching of the fine arts. At the same time, attention is given to helping students cultivate the practical and necessary professionals needed to engage in fine art related jobs.

Training Objectives

After three years of study, the students will systematically obtain the basic skills needed in the field of fine art and a grasp of the basic knowledge and vocational skills necessary for relevant professions in the education and creation of fine art as well as art design.

Graduates will acquire the following knowledge.

1. Understanding of the basic principles of fine art design and education
2. Acquisition of basic modeling ability
3. Acquisition of skills in graphic design

Employment Orientation

Fine arts teachers of primary and middle schools, designers, producers, and choreographers with design firms, news offices, and publishing houses, art creation.

Principles for Course Design

The course is designed to offer practical instruction in basic art skills and includes courses designed to improve aesthetic knowledge.

Course Introduction

Compulsory courses: English I(II), line drawing, sketching, color and still life painting, composition, decorative colors, logo and layout design, oil painting of landscapes and still life, traditional Chinese scenic painting, freehand brushwork of small flowers and birds, principles of aesthetics and art appreciation.

Optional courses: Chinese art history, Western art history, foundations of art appreciation, Chinese fine brushwork of flower-and-bird paintings, calligraphy, decorative patterns, animation production, teaching painting, design and life, composition, pedagogy, psychology, figure drawing, teaching children to create art, handicrafts, typography, display design, appreciation of Chinese and foreign architectural art, and computer aided graphic design (I,II).

Hardware & Facilities

Studios are equipped with sketchpads and easels in order to allow the students to focus on the instruction offered, such as line drawing, color theory, and composition, as well as to ensure the proper environment for creative design; computers, art studios, and other facilities are properly equipped to ensure the smooth progress of the courses.

Faculty Qualifications

Course leaders must meet the minimum requirement of an undergraduate education background in fine arts and have the ability to engage in teaching and teaching management positions overseeing fine arts courses, the ability to conduct online teaching, and familiarity with the characteristics of distance education.

Of the tutors, full-time tutors must have an educational background at or above the undergraduate level, and part-time tutors shall have at least an undergraduate educational background or have achieved minimum level of education and