Training Objectives:

The aim of the programme is to train graduates in line with national standards set for graduates of higher normal universities and adapted to the needs of reform and development in modern socialist construction ideologically, intellectually, and academically; and to cultivate high quality, practical, advanced professionals with the competence and ethics to fill positions in mathematics teaching, teaching management, and other mathematics related jobs.

Suitable for:

Those engaged in research and teaching in the institutions of science and technology, education and economy or in practice, development and research, and management related to the discipline of mathematics in production and management institutions, and those interested in the programme

Admission Requirements:

Those who have obtained at least a junior college education in the same or similar programmes at a nationally recognized higher education level are qualified for admission.

Entrance Proficiency test:

The test is organized by provincial RTVUs prior to student registration.

Major courses:

Topics in mathematics analysis, advanced algebra, foundations of geometry, function of complex variables, ordinary differential equations, calculation methods, teaching and research of middle school mathematics, applied probability and statistics, elementary number theory, functions of real variables, mathematical modeling, and more.

Study and Graduation:

Progression is measured through credit accumulation, and credits remain valid within 8 years of students’ registration, with the minimum credits needed for graduation set at 71. The CCRTVU arranges the curriculum according to a 3-year part-time schedule, with the quickest study period amounting to no less than two and a half years. The students are allowed to graduate when they have acquired the minimum credits specified for graduation and meet the ethical appraisal requirements. Upon satisfying the criteria, they are awarded undergraduate degree graduation certificates of higher education recognized by the state. The graduation certificates shall be electronically registered by the Ministry of Education.

Degree Requirements:

Qualifications for degree application include: average score in compulsory subjects must be at or above 70, and other subjects at or above 60; the students must pass the correlated examinations of degree English (Graduates of Jilin shall sit for foreign language examinations for adult bachelor’s degree in Jilin Province, and graduates outside Jilin shall sit for foreign language examinations for adult bachelor’s degree in Beijing, organized by CCRTVU); and the graduation dissertation (design) is graded good or excellent.

Those who meet the above requirements are eligible to apply for the degree of Bachelor of Science to be conferred by Northeast Normal University (For specific requirements, please refer to rules for the implementation of conferring scholar’s degree jointly formulated by CCRTVU and institutions of higher education that confer the degree).

Knowledge and capacity expected at graduation:

1. Systematic grasp of the basic concepts, theories, and skills covered in the mathematics major curriculum and to be familiar with the important ideas and methods of mathematics education;
2. To understand developing trends in mathematical science and the development of relevant disciplines;
3. To have a wide range of knowledge and strong abstract thinking, logical reasoning, and calculation capacity;
4. Familiarity with the implementation of basic education theories, teaching methods, and teaching measures;
5. Familiarity with new developments in teaching reform in secondary schools and competency in teaching, educational scientific research, and self-improvement through independent study;
6. Mastery of the basic methods for information retrieval and data search and to be capable of scientific research and practical work.。

Fees: refer to the standard rates at local RTVU for mathematics and applied mathematics at the undergraduate level.