Wang Liming, male, was born in Hubei Province in 1960. He graduated from the Department of Law, Hubei Institute of Finance and Economics in 1982. Currently, he is the vice president of the Renmin University of China (RUC) and dean of the RUC School of Law.


He is the first PhD holder in civil law after the establishment of the People's Republic of China and a representative for the Tenth National People's Congress. He is also a member of the NPC Law Committee, and has been recognized as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Scholars in Jurisprudence and, in 1997, as one of Ten Figures in Jurisprudence. For many years, he has participated in the writing and amendments of important laws, such as Economic Contract Law, Contract Law, Patent Law, Product Quality Law and Property Law. To a degree, the academic career of Professor Wang symbolizes the process of the Chinese commercial law and civil law coming into being since the policy of reform and opening was introduced. As a chief drafter for Property Law (Draft), Professor Wang played an important role in its formulation. He has witnessed and accelerated the legislation work of China.

Since 1990, Professor Wang has participated in the teaching of Civil Law in the China Central Radio and TV University (now the Open University of China). He is a chief lecturer in Civil Law and a chief editor of the textbook Civil Law.