Guan Xiaofeng: born in 1956, PhD

Position: Vice Director of Commercial Law Research Institute at the School of Civil and Commercial Laws, China University of Political Science and Law 

Part-time position:

  • Vice Director of Financial Law Research Center at China University of Political Science and Law
  • Director of the Insurance Law Committee at Beijing Lawyers Association
  • Director of the Investment Association of China and Standing Director of China Investment Policy Committee
  • Adviser for the Center of Complaint and Legal Assistance at Beijing Consumer Association

altMajor research achievements in recent years:

  1. Research on the Relation between the Structural Formation of Company Limited by Guarantee and the Banking Asset Securitization (submitted paper at the International Summit of Company Law in April, 2006)
  2. On the Absorbing of Corporate Opinion and its Legal Remedy (English),published by Higher Education Press in October, 2006
  3. Research on the Secretarial System of the Listed Company's Meeting (submitted paper at the International Commercial Law Seminar held by the Law School of Tsinghua University in October 2006)
  4. Research on the Newly Added Partnership Clause to the Partnership Enterprise Law (submitted paper at the Autumn Forum of the School of Civil and Commercial Law at China University of Political Science and Law)
  5. Research on the Improvement of Credit Rating Law, China Finance, Volume 16, 2006
  6. The Expansion of Human Resources and Risk Management of Business Agencies, China Audit, Volume 24, 2006
  7. Research on the Independent Director System (English), published by Higher Education Press in October 2007
  8. Research on the Law of Shareholder's Inspection Right, China Audit, Page 70, Volume 23, 2007
  9. Study on the Liability System of the Partnership Enterprises, Journal of National Procurators College, Volume 6, 2007
  10. Study on the Liability System of the Partnership Enterprises, (Volume 3, CPUL-CCE Law Review), People's Court Press, 11, 2007
  11. Research on Investment Structure and Effectiveness (collection of papers), published by China Statistics Press in January 2008
  12. Commercial Law, published in March 2007 by Higher Education Press
  13. Self-study Guidance on Financial Law (Chief Editor), published by Peking University Press in May 2007
  14. Study on Legal Issues about the Securitization of Banking Assets, published by the OUC Press


  • His work of Introduction to Financial Law, won the second prize of the Sixth Philosophy and Social Sciences of Beijing in 2001.
  • He was the leader of the national research project "Research on Legal Issues in Competition Policy" in 1994.
  • He took part in the research on China-Australia Economic Law Reform in 1997 and 1998.
  • He is now undertaking the national research project of "Debt-to-Equity and Equity-to-Debt Study".

Professor Guan Xiaofeng has been in charge of teaching "Commercial Law" in the Open University of China (OUC) since 1999, and has been the chief editor and leading lecturer for this subject.