Fan Chongyi, born in 1940, is from Neixiang County of Henan Province. He is a PhD supervisor, and has been director of the Teaching and Research Section of Procedural Law, director of the Research Center and honorary principal of the Research Institute at China University of Political Science and Law. {13293787214820}He holds a number of part-time positions, including professor in the National Prosecutors College of P.R.C, vice president of Prosecutorial Science Research Association at China Law Society, vice president of China Behavior Law Association, president of Investigation Research Association,member of the Advisory Committee at the Supreme People's Procuratorate of People's Republic of China,

member of the Steering Committee of Legal Education at the Ministry of Education, council member of Research Association for Legal Issues Across the Taiwan Straits, member of the CPPCC of Beijing Municipality, advisor and law enforcement supervisor of Beijing Supreme People's Court and Beijing Supreme People's Procuratorate, and vice president of Beijing Procedural Law Society. He enjoys the special government allowance given by the State Council to experts with outstanding contributions.

From 1985, Professor Fan Chongyi has participated in the teaching programme for Criminal Procedure Law in the OUC. He acts as chief editor and leading lecturer for this subject.