Guo Qingchun graduated from the Department of Chinese, Nankai University and was awarded the degree of bachelor of arts. From 1986 to 1988, she studied in the Department of Journalism, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and obtained a certificate of completion for the postgraduate programme of journalism; from 1999 to 2002, she studied for her master’s degree in the Department of Arts, Peking University and graduated as a master of arts in the same university. She now works as a course tutor of principles of aesthetics and introduction to advertising, and a researcher in the OUC. She has successively served as an assistant lecturer, a lecturer, and an associate professor in the CCRTVU Department of Chinese, Department of Arts and Law, and School of Arts and Law. She has taught and led courses of writing, writing of literary criticism, practical writing, introduction to linguistics, interviewing and writing, news comment and writing, introduction to journalism, introduction to journalism and communication, newspaper editing and comment, mass communication, introduction to advertising, analysis on excellent advertisement, and principles of aesthetics. She is now a member of the OUC Academic Committee.

By now, she has compiled or participated in the compilation of about 10 printed teaching materials, such as ‘Reference Materials for Newspaper Editing and Comment’, ‘Learning Guide for Introduction to Journalism’, ‘Introduction to Linguistics’, ‘Learning Guide for Introduction to Linguistics’, ‘Learning Guide for the Principles of Journalism and Communication’, ‘Mass Communication’, ‘A Course of Aesthetics’, ‘Learning Guide for Principles of Aesthetics’, and ‘Introduction to Art’. She has translated two specialized academic books ‘Film, Form and Culture’, and ‘Supporting Students in Online, Open and Distance Learning’. She has been the editor of two educational research books ‘Research on Constructing Open Education Course Platform Suitable for Lifelong Learning and Needed by Autonomous Learning’, and ‘Research on Quality Guarantee of Open Education Tutorial Centres’. She has published about 30 academic papers and teaching management research papers. She has participated in and led nine scientific research projects at or above provincial level. Of them, ‘A Course of Aesthetics’ written in cooperation with Professor Peng Jixiang is an achievement of the key scientific research project of the Ministry of Education, which has been widely acknowledged by teachers and students; the teaching material ‘Introduction to Art’ edited by her has been reprinted 14 times; ‘Mass Communication’, in which she participated, won the second prize for excellent printed teaching materials for the national regular institutions of higher education issued by the Ministry of Education. The published book ‘Film, Form and Culture’ written by famous American scholar Robert Koller and translated by her has been listed as required teaching material or reference book by Peking University, Beijing Film Academy, and the China Youth University of Political Studies; the key Beijing scientific research project achievement ‘Research on Constructing Open Education Course Platform Suitable for Lifelong Learning and Needed by Autonomous Learning’ won the Sixth Excellent Achievement Award of Educational Scientific Research in Beijing Municipality, and the first prize for academic books of the China University Presses Association in 2011. She was chosen as an outstanding young and middle-aged backbone teacher of Beijing Municipality in 1998.

Her major part-time social work and positions are: a member of the Cultural Quality Education Guidance Committee of Vocational Schools of the Ministry of Education, and a member of Aesthetic Educational Committee of China Higher Education