Peng Jixiang is the chief editor and lecturer on the course Principles of Aesthetics of the OUC (CCRTVU). He is a member of the Art Education Committee with the Ministry of Education, vice president of the University Division of China Television Artists Association, vice president of the Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art, an executive vice president of the Aesthetic Education Society of China Higher Education Society, and director of the Television Research Centre with Peking University. He is a professor, a doctoral supervisor and an expert entitled to a government allowance of the State Council. In 1978, he entered the Department of Philosophy, Peking University after examination and obtained a bachelor’s degree; in 1982, he was admitted to Peking University for postgraduate study majoring in aesthetics and studied under six supervisors, including Zhu Guangqian and Zong Baihua, and was awarded a master’s degree; he gained his PhD at Peking University and has become a doctoral supervisor. He was once Party Secretary and vice president of the School of Arts, Peking University, and is now president of the College of Arts, Chongqing University. He has published works, translation works and papers totaling over 3 million words. His representative works, with him as the editor, include ‘Chinese Art, Film and TV Appreciation’, ‘Introduction to Art’, ’The Charm of the Movie Screen World’, and ‘Film and TV Aesthetics’. Of them, the book ‘Chinese Art’ won the Chinese Book Award, and also the first prize of outstanding academic achievements of Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences, and the excellent project achievement award of the First National Social Sciences Fund in 1999; the book ‘Film and TV Appreciation’ won respectively the Beijing Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award and the Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award of the Ministry of Education in 2001; the two books ‘Introduction to Art’ and ‘The Charm of Movie Screen World’ were successively published first by the Peking University Press and then reprinted and issued to the overseas audience in traditional Chinese characters by Taiwanese publishing houses in 1992 and 1994, which were well and extensively acknowledged. He was chosen as one of the Top 10 Best Teachers of Peking University in 2001 and 2004. The course Introduction to Art taught by him was selected as a national outstanding course in 2004.