Wu Guanying is the chief editor and lecturer on the course Foundations of Animation in animation in the OUC junior college programme. He’s now deputy director of the Designing Branch, Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University, a professor of the Department of Information Art & Design, and a doctoral supervisor. His research is mainly directed to animation design and illustration design. He is the original creator and major designer of the mascot Fuwa for the 29th Olympic Games and the designer of the mascot “Fu Niu Lele” for the Paralympic Games in 2008. He designed the animal (for the year of rabbit) stamp for the sixty year cycle of Xin Mao Year in 2011, and the animal (for the year of snake) stamp for the sixty year cycle of Kui Si Year in 2013. He is deputy director of the Animation Art Committee of the China Artists Association, a vice chairman of the University Animation and Digital Media Programme Teaching Instruction Committee of the Ministry of Education, a member of the Management Expert Instruction Committee for the National Social Art Level Grading, the Ministry of Culture, and a member of the University Animation Printed Teaching Material Development Expert Committee of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture; he is a special professor of the Pengcheng Scholar Plan invited by Shenzhen City People’s Government and a visiting professor of the Beijing Film Academy.