Liu Linqing is a professor and the chief editor and lecturer on the course Analysis of Outstanding Advertising Works in advertising in the OUC (CCRTVU) junior college programme. He serves as professor of the School of Advertising, Communication University of China, and director of the Public Service Advertising Research Centre, secretary-general of the Innovation Research Base for Public Service Advertising, and chief editor of the editorial office of the China Public Service Advertising for the Year. He is a member of the China Advertising Academic Committee, a member of the Expert Committee for Judging Professional Levels of China Advertising Professionals and chief editor of printed teaching materials, and a member of the Legal Advisory Committee, China Association of National Advertisers. He has been a judge for the Eighth National Public Service Advertising Award, vice director of the award office (sponsored by the State Administration for Industry & Commerce), a judge of the 2011 “China Moutai Cup” Public Service Advertisement Grand Prix, and director of the 2011 Public Service Advertising Selection Office of Delivering Civilization and Building up a New Spirit (sponsored by the Central Civilization Office).