Ni Ning is the chief editor and lecturer on the course Introduction to Advertising in advertising in the OUC (CCRTVU) junior college programme. Now he works as executive vice president of the School of Journalism and Communication, Remin University of China, as well as a professor and doctoral supervisor. He’s curator of the school library, deputy director of the management committee of the science and technology park, deputy office director of the national leading group for the recompilation of Qing Dynasty History, and deputy director of the Academic Committee of the China Advertising Association. His Advertising Communication written in cooperation and A Course Book of Advertising were winners of the outstanding science and technology achievements award of Renmin University of China; he is a member of three projects awarded the Beijing outstanding teaching achievements, including the Organization and Management of Journalism Teaching Practice, and Research on Teaching Methodology of Newspaper Editing. He was one of the top 10 men for advertising in China in 2004. He was employed by the Ministry of Education for three consecutive years as a member of the Teaching Instruction Committee of the Discipline Journalism and a consultancy expert to the China Association of National Advertisers.