Huang Jinghua is the chief editor of the printed teaching material of the course Advertising Survey and Prediction for the OUC (CCRTVU) advertising programme (for marketing communication). She serves as a professor and a doctoral supervisor in the School of Advertising, the Communication University of China. She has long been engaged in consumer research and audience research, with a profound theoretical basis and practical experience in market surveying and statistical analysis. She mainly teaches the courses of multivariate statistical data analysis, study on advertising effects, basic statistics and data analysis, and research on consumer lifestyle. Her major works include the 2008 IMI Research Report on Urban Resident Consumer Behavior and Advertising Contact, 2007 IMI Research Report on ‘Urban Audience Mobile Lifestyle and New Media Contact’, the ‘Categories of City Consumers in China’, ‘Advertising Investigation and Database Application’, ‘Professional Study on Radio Frequency’, ‘Methods of Statistical Analysis in Survey Research’, ‘Interpreting the Market with Data’, and ‘Advertising Survey’.