Zhang Yong is the chief editor of the printed teaching material and lecturer on the course Case Analysis of Marketing Planning for the OUC (CCRTVU) advertising programme (for marketing communication). He is now vice president and professor of the Business School, Beijing Technology and Business University. He works part time as deputy president of the Marketing Branch, the China Business Enterprise Management Association, and a member of the Marketing Research Association for China Universities. Since 1984, he has been engaged in the teaching, research and practice of marketing management and his research mainly covers marketing strategy management and marketing channel management. He has given lectures on undergraduate and postgraduate courses on marketing, case analysis of marketing, international marketing, market investigation, and principles and methods of product promotion; he has received the Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement Award, the Beijing Outstanding Teaching (Education) Achievement Award and honors of Young and Middle Aged Backbone Teachers in Beijing. He has led or participated in international social sciences funded projects and several provincial level research projects; he has published over 20 papers relevant to marketing in academic journals, such as Management World. He has written six principle works, including ‘Marketing, Principles and Methods of Personal Selling’, and ‘Public Relation Management’; and he has served as marketing director or marketing consultant to eight IT, advertising, business and production companies.