Ma Mouchao is the chief editor and lecturer on the course Advertising Psychology for the OUC (CCRTVU) advertising programme. He had been engaged in scientific research in the Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a researcher, a doctoral supervisor and an expert enjoying the special government allowance during 1960--2004. His academic direction is economic psychological behavior. He has been a winner of the second prize of science and technology development, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the provincial prize of science and technology development, including “the Development of Advertising Works Evaluation System ---- ESAC system”; with these prize achievements, he has helped the military academies finish two key topics and win the second prize of science and technology development of the army. He has officially published scores of academic papers at home and abroad, and translated a number of English and French scientific papers; he has published about 10 professional works, including ‘Scientific Research of Brands’, ‘Advertising and Consumer Psychology’, and ‘Fuzzy Analysis in Psychology. In addition, he has also participated in writing the entries of Chinese Encyclopedia: Psychology’, ‘Dictionary of Psychology’, and ‘Encyclopedia for Psychological Consultation’, and is writing ‘Experimental Psychology’. He has led the National Natural Science Foundation programme “Research on the Marketing Characteristics of China’s Corporation Identity System in Integration” and the introduction and guidance for several large scale corporation identity systems. He has given instructions to many postgraduates, Ph.D candidates and post-doctoral students.