Chen Peiai is the chief editor and lecturer on the courses History of Chinese and Foreign Advertisement and Advertising Planning in advertising in the OUC junior college programme. Now he serves as deputy president of Xiamen University, College of Humanities, a professor, and a doctoral supervisor. In 1983, he participated in the founding of the first specialism in advertising in the mainland institutions of higher education, known as “the first man of advertising in China and a great master in the advertising industry” by the world of advertising. He works part time as a member of the Instruction Commission of Journalism Discipline with the Ministry of Education, is deputy president of the Chinese Association for History of Journalism and Mass Communication, president of Advertising Education Research Society of Institutions of Higher Education in China, and a member of China Journalism Education Society, and president of Fujian Communication Association. He has been a “Golden Tripod Award” judge for the China Marketing Association and a judge for “Advertising Art Contest of National University Students” with the Ministry of Education, a member of the preparatory committee and a judge for the Taiwan “Times Young Creative Awards”, and a senior visiting scholar of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and RyuKoku University of Japan. He has been the chief editor of the 21st Series Books of Advertising and New Horizons of Communication Book Series. His major personal works include ‘Advertising Principles and Methods’, ‘Advertising Planning’, and ‘History of Chinese and Foreign Advertisement’, adding up to about 10 works and 100 relevant papers, totaling over 4 million words.