The junior college degree programme for secretarial profession was offered in the autumn semester of 2009. In the spirit of the Ministry of Education’s principle to issue higher vocational education graduates with both degree education certificates and corresponding professional qualification certificates (“dual certificates” in short), it is integrated in the teaching plan and curriculum organisation of the programme covering the standards of the secretarial profession junior college degree certificates and Class Three (including Class Four and Class Five) professional qualification certificates of secretaries in China.

By 2013, about 600 students had graduated in the junior college programme for the secretarial profession. At present, there are about 950 students enrolled in school.

Since the offering of the junior college programme for the secretarial profession, cooperation has been carried out with the National Secretarial Teaching Guidance Committee of the Ministry of Education and the Secretarial Professional Qualification Accreditation Expert Committee of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Experts, including Zhang Lili, Zhang Lingli, Hu Xiaojuan, Yang Qunhuan, Liu Jianhua, and Zhang Jimian, are employed to work as chief editors, lecturers and examination experts of print teaching materials for the programm