The OUC animation programme (junior college programme) was offered in 2010, and students were enrolled in the same year. By 2013, there had been 113 graduates and 951 students enrolled in school. At present, the relevant courses of Foundations of Animation, Characters Design in Animation, Animation Scene Design, Audio-Visual Language, Movement Law and Animation Technique, Post-Production and After-Effects of Animation are offered for the programme. Since the setup of the programme, cooperation in teaching and research has been carried out with institutions of higher education including Tsinghua University and famous social institutions in the animation industry. At present, the famous animation artist Wu Guanying, original creator and major designer of the mascot Fuwa for the 29th Olympic Games and the designer of the mascot “Fu Niu Lele” for the Disabled Olympic Games in 2008, professor of the Department of Information Art & Design, Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University and a doctorial supervisor, has been invited to be the chief editor and lecturer of the course Foundations of Animation. He has compiled the integrated multi-media serial teaching materials of Foundations of Animation. The teaching material shall be put into use officially in 2015.