Song Wenyi graduated from China Conservatory of Music.
Major: Music education
Research focus: Vocal music (bel canto)
Working department: Assistant research fellow for the Community Education Research Centre

In 2003, she passed the college entrance exam to the Department of Music Education, China Conservatory of Music. She studied piano with Zhang Shuai, and vocal music with Associate Professor Zhu Lin.
In 2007, she passed her master’s degree in music education at the China Conservatory of Music, and studied vocal music with Professor Zhang Mu.
In 2007, she participated in the “New Year’s Greeting Party for Leaders of Hangzhou and Disabled Residents” performance in Hangzhou.
In January 2008, she participated the First New Year Online Concert as a soloist in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou.
In February 2008, she participated in the Hangzhou Spring Festival Gala as a soloist.
In October 2008, she participated in the 70th Anniversary of Xiaoshan Middle School as a soloist.
In January 2009, she was invited to participate in the Hangzhou Spring Festival Gala Evening for a second time.
In June 2009, she participated in “Song of Youth” concert series held by the postgraduate classes of China Conservatory of Music.
In September 2009, she participated in the large-scale live broadcast “ New Hangzhou, New China: National Day Celebration and 60th Anniversary of the Libration of Hangzhou” in Hangzhou TV as female soloist.
In June 2010, she held a Solo Graduation Concert in the Music Hall, China Conservatory of Music.
In August 2010, she participated in the rehearsals for the International Society for Music Education’s (ISME) “National Essence and Aboriginality”.
In December 2010, she participated in the rehearsals for the “National Community Music Activities” awards show hosted by China Central Radio and Television University.
In the first half of 2011, she accompanied CCRTVU’s “Tiandiren” Chorus on the piano. She participated in various performances and contests, as well as the CCRTVU’s art show celebrating the founding of the CPC.
In February 2012, she was invited to the “Lantern Festival Evening” Choral Concert at the Golden Hall, Vienna, as part of the “Singing throughout the World” activity.
In June 2012, she published the paper A Harmonious Blend: Integrating Professional and Community Music Education, in Distance Education in China, Volume 12, 2012.
In October 2012, she attended the Second National Community Education Summit Forum, and gave a special lecture on the topic The Exploration and Protection of Folk Music Cultural Heritage as part of Community Music Education Activities.
In August 2013, she published the thesis Aesthetic Education in Community Music Education: A Case Study of the Ancient Chinese Seven-Stringed Instrument Piece, Yangguansandie in Music Magazine, Volume 3, 2013.
In September 2013, she published the theses Elegant and Delicate Golden Sound and the Art of Singing, Volume 9, 2013.