Specialized courses:

Computer Image Processing, Themed Illustration Design, Basic Computational 3-D Modeling, Drawing, Colors, Sketching, Introduction to Animation, Animation Audio-Visual Language, Foundations of Animation Modeling, Animation Motion and Techniques, Flash Animation, Animation Scene Rendering, Post-Production and After Effects.

Training objectives:

The programme aims to cultivate high-level practical professionals in the fields of animation, comics, and game production. The students will be trained to have a high level of cultural quality, professional ethics, and strong aesthetic attainment and judgment. They are to be equipped with the basic skills of fine arts, animation, and computer-aided design (CAD), giving them the ability to design, create, and edit 2-D and 3-D animations using digital technology.

Employment orientation:

The students are suited to work involving the innovative design and production of animations in institutions of animation design and production, and for companies engaged in multi-media game production, and movie and television advertising, as well as field related to animation production such as publishing and printing.