Training Objectives
The program aims to produce college diploma students who are adapted to the practical needs of our country’s socialist modernization drive, who have strong moral, intellectual and physical development, and who can carry out the operation, production, inspection, management and application of medicines.

Political thought and morals: Students should be willing to serve the people whole-heartedly, and strive for national prosperity. They should observe law, discipline and collaboration, and have strong morals and professional ethics.     
Professional knowledge and abilities: Students can master basic theories, knowledge and skills in chemistry, biology and the relevant pharmacy required by the major. They are equipped with professional knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical preparation, drug identification, drug analysis and all kinds of conventional medicine experiments, and understand laws and regulations, policies and marketing in pharmacy administration.
Physical quality: Students can work with a sound mind and body.  

Duration of Study and Graduation
The course uses a credit-based system. The exam results of all courses and the relevant credits received are valid for eight years after a student passes their first registered course. The minimum number of credits required for graduation is 76. Students who obtain the required number of credits and whose moral qualities are deemed to conform to the requirements through identification are allowed to graduate and are awarded a nationally recognized diploma certificate of higher education.