Bachelor of Science from the Department of Mathematics of Northeast Normal University, 1985; Post-graduate MBA studies sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, 2004; Master of Engineering from the Department of Computer Science of Beijing University of Technology, 2005; Member of the Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics; vice chair of the RTVU section of the Education Accounting Society of China.


Zhang Xuhong has been teaching math since graduating from college in 1985, with her courses including Fundamentals of Geometry, Statistics and Probability, Linear Algebra and Complex Variable Functions, Mathematics for Engineering, Mathematical Statistics, Advanced Mathematics (I & II), Fundamentals of Mathematics for Economics, and Linear Algebra. In 2000 she was named associate professor.


Zhang Xuhong has participated in the compilation and production of both print and video textbooks, CAI courseware, and online CCRTVU courses, including Fundamentals of Geometry, Advanced Mathematics, Fundamentals of Mathematics for Economics, College Mathematics, and others, with the CAI Courseware for Advanced Mathematics placing second among Beijing Educational and Teaching Achievements in 2001, while the video textbooks received an “award of excellence” from the National Centre for Educational Technology in 2000, and her research on the “Application of Educational Technology to Reform of Courses in Mathematics for Economics” placed second among Beijing Educational and Teaching Achievements in 2004.

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