Zhao Li is an associate professor and responsible person for scientific research in the Department of Education Management of the School of Education, the Open University of China; she is also a member of the Teaching Guidance Committee of the National Oil and Chemical Industry Vocational Education. She graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Beijing Normal University, earning her bachelor of science degree in 1983; and graduated from School of Education, Beijing Normal University with a master's degree in education in 1997. She was selected as one of CCRTVU's 2009 Outstanding Tutors.


Research interest:

Education management, education law, and distance education


Courses led:

Education law, reform and development of Chinese and foreign elementary education, basics of educational law, introduction to natural science ---- chemistry.


Research achievements:

  1. She acts as the responsible person of the second sub-topic Research and Practice on the Quality Structure of the Students’Knowledge Capacity, Course System and Teaching Contents (with 23 sub-topic projects in all) and the research project Research and Practice on the Design and Development of Teaching Resources in Open and Distance Education subject to the Ministry of Education’s CCRTVU Research on Pilot Programmes for the Reform of Ways of Learner Developmentand Open Education. The entire project won the second prize at the 2005 National Teaching Achievements.
  2. She is responsiblefor the second sub-topic project Research and Development of Work Platform to Set up the Specialty Education in Higher Vocational Schools subject to the Ministry of Education’s Follow-up Investigation and Research on Guiding Professional Directory (Pilot) for National Higher Vocational Schools. The project won the first prize at the 2008 CCRTVU Teaching Achievements.
  3. She has participated in research with the Ministry of Education’s Creating Guiding Professional Directory for Regular Institutions of Higher Education and Higher Vocational Schools and Promoting the Sound and Sustainable Development of Higher Vocational Schools in China. The project won the first prize at the 2008 Beijing Education and Teaching Achievements Award (Higher Education) and the second prize at the Sixth National Teaching Achievements Award of Higher Education (in 2009). Sheherself is one of the primary researchers completing the project.
  4. She is responsible for the first sub-topic project Research on the Overall Framework of the RTVU Teaching Management Modelsubject to Research of the RTVU Education Management Model, a project of the National RTVU Teaching Management Central Research Team. The project won the third prize in Teaching Achievements of CCRTVU’s 2010 Scientific Research Achievements.
  5. She led the recording of CCTVU’s audio-visual teaching material Introduction to Natural Science ---- Chemistry. It was accepted as a loan project and selected as an "Excellent" teaching material by 1999 Teaching Materials of Satellite Educational Television.
  6. The CCRTVU’s CAI courseware forIntroduction to Natural Science ---- Chemistrydesigned under her leadership won the third prize at the 1999 CIETE National Multimedia Education Software Competition and the second prize at the First National Online Courseware and Multimedia Software Competition of the 2000 Tsinghua Yongxing Cup.
  7. The short courseware A Law Case----An Analysis of Typical Case for Educational Law designed under her leadership won the second prize at the 2009 CCRTVU Multimedia Courseware Competition and "Excellent" award of the Higher Education Liberal Art Group in the Eleventh National Multimedia Courseware Competition (2011).
  8. She has written and published approximately 20 relevant papers. Of them, the paper Deepening System Reform and Improving Management Quality (2004) won the second prize at the National RTVU Excellent Papersof Teaching Management and Reform; and the paperResearch and Practice on the Reform of Distance Education Teaching Management Model won the first prize at the Paper Competition of Educational Practice and Research Forum in China.