Zhao Jian is a professor at the OUC and has been engaged in the teaching and research of mathematics for 30 years.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree after studying applied mathematics from the first branch campus of Peking University, and in 2004, she graduated from Beijing University of Technology with an engineering master’s degree in computer application. She serves as dean of CCRTVU Department of Mathematics Education, a member of the Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics, and deputy secretary-general and an executive member of the Distance Education Committee of the Chinese Association of Quantitative Economics. Her research is directed towards distance education and the teaching of mathematics, and applied mathematics.

 1. Courses and preparations of Mathematics programmeshe has Led:

Undergraduate programme: studies on mathematics analysis, calculation methods, and engineering mathematics;

Junior college programme: economic mathematics basics, advanced mathematics (1) and (2), basic computer mathematics (A), linear algebra, advanced algebra (1) and (2), basic software mathematics, introduction to calculus, and more.

2. Awards and scientific research: Participated in the project Application of Education Technology in the Reform of Economic Mathematics Basics, which won second prize from Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievements in 2004; Participatedin the national scientificresearch project ---- the online course of Basics of Economics Mathematics ---- as a member. The project was deemed "excellent" in the 2003 examination and appraisal. As a brand course recommended to the national institutions of higher education, it won the "special award" of the 2003 National RTVU Multimedia Courseware and Teaching Web Pages Development Competition at the “Yongyou Software Cup”. Acted as deputy chief-editor of the national teaching material Calculus during the "Eleventh-Five Year Plan" period for regular higher education. The textbook was published by China Renmin University Press Co. Ltd and selected as one of 2007's "National Exquisite Teaching Materials" by the Ministry of Education. Led the development of the online course Basics of Economics Mathematics, which won recognition in 2008 as "National Exquisite Teaching Material". Participated in the compilation of the RTVU teaching materials Economics Mathematics Basics and Advanced Mathematics, which respectively won the first and second prizes as RTVU's 2002 "Excellent Teaching Material".

The CAI courseware of Linear Algebra was compiled under her leadership and won the third prize at the First National Web-Based Courses and Multimedia Courseware Competition organized by China Audio-Visual Education Association in 2002. Her solo-authored thesis Teaching Design and Study of Regular Assignment for Economic Mathematics Basics won the second prize at the 2001 Haier Cup Distance Modern Education Papers. She also led and completed the university research project entitled The Integration and Practical Exploration on Public Mathematics.

She was elected as one of the OUC excellent tutors in 2004 and 2009.



3 Works:

Deputy chief-director of Calculus, the “Eleventh Five-Year” period national teaching material for regular higher education, published by China Renmin University Press Co. Ltd, July 2006.

The new century online course construction project of the Ministry of Education --- matched teaching materials for Economic Mathematics Basics, published by Higher Education Press, February 2004.

Studies on Mathematics Analysis, a teaching material for mathematics programme (undergraduate programme), published by CCRTVU Press, July 2003.

University Mathematics --- Linear Algebra, published by CCRTVU Press, July, 2002.

Learning Guidance to Studies on Mathematics Analysis, a teaching material for mathematics programme (undergraduate programme), published by CCRTVU Press, July 2002.

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Economic Mathematics Basics, published by CCRTVU Press, February 1994.

Introduction to Calculus, published by CCRTVU Press, July 2006.

Basic Software Mathematics, published by CCRTVU Press, July 2004.

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