In January 2016, the Open University of China (OUC) began the selection for its 2015 scholarship winners.

With recommendations from the branch schools inside the system and after a review by the OUC Scholarship Evaluation Committee, 7,466 students were awarded the Open University of China Scholarship, 495 students were awarded the “Field of Hope” Scholarship, 100 students were awarded the OUC Sunshine Scholarship for Disabled Education, and 507 students were awarded the OUC Scholarship for Non-Commissioned Officers.

The annual selection of scholarship winners has greatly improved the enthusiasm and initiative of the vast majority of the students selected; stimulated school spirit and morale; created a positive cultural atmosphere on campus; encouraged the students to work hard; enhanced their sense of belonging; and shaped the brand image of the OUC.

The deeds of sixteen scholarship winners are selected as follows.

Cai Danna works as a clerk at Qingliu County People’s Court, Sanming City, Fujian Province.

Ouyang Binpei enrolled in the computer information management major of the OUC junior college programme at Zhongshan Branch School of Guangdong Radio and TV University.