Huang Huo serves as secretary of the CPC Nanxiang Village Branch and director of the Nanxiang Village Committee, Yangjiao Township, Dianbai District, Maoming City, Guangdong Province.

He majored in rural administration management in the OUC junior college programme at Maoming Branch School of Guangdong Radio and TV University. During his time at the RTVU, he dealt well with the work-study contradiction and availed himself of every opportunity to work hard at his lessons after work. He persisted in attending face-to-face tutorials and finished all his assignments. In addition he took notes as he read, overcame difficulties like older age and weak memory, without neglecting work or study. He achieved excellent results and became a model for the class to learn from. Moreover, Huang Huo applied what he had learned in his practical work. With the guidance of theory, he made clear achievements in practice. Using the things he learnt at the RTVU, he led and united the members of Nanxiang Village Committee of Dianbai District to overcome difficulties, and set the village economy, culture and society on a rapid development path. The people of the village live a happy, peaceful and well-off life, and outstanding achievements have been made in family planning, funeral reform, new rural cooperative medical insurance and social security, conscription, women’s issues, social stability, and health and safety. He was recognised and praised by leaders, colleagues and villagers throughout the administrative township, district and city. He was honoured as an Advanced Individual for Self-Improvement through Education in Dianbai District in December 2015, and Nanxiang Village was given an award for excellence in 2015 Party construction work in Maoming city in March 2016.