Yuan Yonghong works as general manager at Jiangxi Yongxiang Advertising Decoration Co., Ltd. He majored in administration management as part of the OUC undergraduate programme at Yichun Branch School of Jiangxi Radio and TV University.

Since he entered the university, he made positive proposals and did what he could for collective learning and class management in cooperation with the teachers and class cadres by relying on the advantages of his existing management experience. He became popular with his teachers and classmates, and he was among the top students in terms of learning results. He used the knowledge he gained to further integrate and improve his skills. Moreover, the help and support of his teachers and classmates made it possible for him to make great progress in his career. Yuan Yonghong was chosen as an advanced individual in the advertising industry in Jiangxi in 2014 and 2015. In a province-level creative advertising activity, he was selected as one of the “Top Ten Outstanding Achievers” in 2015; he was recommended and elected as vice president of Yichun Business Association, and vice president of Yichun Yuanzhou District Advertising Business Association in 2015; and he was elected president of Yichun Outdoor Advertising Association in December 2015. As such, he became a genuine leader and representative of the advertising industry in Yichun. At the beginning of 2016, he bought and moved his company to an office building in the centre of the city. The development of his company had been reported on by Yichun Daily and Yichun TV Station, and his company has consistently demonstrated a strong development momentum.