Song Shengyuan works as a technician at Xunke Longda Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province. He enrolled in the law major of the OUC undergraduate programme at Xunke Branch School of Heilongjiang Radio and TV University.

During his studies he made a scientific schedule with consideration for his own reality. He always took the teaching materials with him after work and taught himself whenever possible. In order to finish his daily learning plan, he adopted the “5+1” and “8+2” learning methods, that is to say, adding a day of learning at the weekend to the five workdays and adding another two learning hours in the evening after the eight-hour work day. He overcame the difficulties in his work and life, and effectively achieved a balance between work and study. Due to his dedicated revision, he got one of the top scores in the final term examinations among students of the same major. Furthermore, Song Shengyuan was able to use what he had learned to guide his practical work. With his unceasing efforts, he achieved excellent results and was praised by both leaders and colleagues.