Song Jun enrolled in the OUC undergraduate programme in administration management at Chibi Branch School of Hubei Radio and TV University in 2014.

He listened attentively during class and finished all the assignments given by the teachers. In order to better combine theory with practice, he attended all the practical classes organised by the school and put what he had learned into work. Upon entering the university, his teachers recommended he serve as class commissary in charge of studies. He led the class in listening to the teachers carefully and in finishing their tasks. He spent most of his time after work on self-study for self-improvement. He was elected deputy to the Eighth People’s Congress of Chibi City in 2011; selected as “an advanced worker” of the CPC Committee of Shenshan Township; chosen as “an advanced urban worker”; and awarded the title of “Outstanding Communist Party Member” in the 2010-2012 activity Striving for Excellence. He was rated “excellent” in the 2012-2014 annual performance assessment for cadres three years in a row.