Cai Danna works as a clerk at Qingliu County People’s Court, Sanming City, Fujian Province.

She enrolled in the OUC undergraduate law programme at Qingliu Branch School of Fujian Radio and TV University. As soon as she entered the school she created a rational individual learning plan involving making full use of the internet. She improved the results of her self-study by integrating the unique characteristics of her major. She scored an average of 93.46 percent for her compulsory courses and 85.7 percent for her selective courses. She worked hard to improve her own professional level and participated in a series of learning activities. She worked diligently and conscientiously and wholeheartedly devoted herself to her duties. Despite her lack of work experience, she had made certain achievements. Cai Danna was successively selected as a “2013 Advanced Worker for Summer Student Educational Activities in Sanming City”, “2013-2014 Outstanding Youth Volunteer, Sanming City”, “2014 Activist in the Summer Holiday Social Practice of Sanming City”, and “2014 Advanced Worker”.