In June 2008, Li Guojun was working as a marketing representative intern at the Shenzhen Jixiang Lu branch of Qilu Securities. Today, he is Chief Marketing Representative. In autumn 2010, he studied Administrative Management at the Longgang School of Shenzhen RTVU. In spring 2013, he continued on to a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.


He held a number of positions at school, including: class monitor for the Administrative Management of Class 2010; Longgang RTVU volunteer team leader; Vice Chairman of the fifth student union of Longgang RTVU; class monitor for the Business Administration undergraduate class of spring 2013; and Chairman of the sixth student union of Longgang RTVU.
Li is always positive and behaves decently. He respects his teachers, gets along well with his classmates. He actively organizes his class to participate in the various activities organized by the student union. He strengthens his own moral accomplishments, keeps up with the times, and maintains an innovative spirit. He studies hard and excels academically. He is particularly strong in organization and management. He is passionate about public welfare and actively joins volunteer activities and organizes friends to join him. He has provided service to society for more than 1,000 hours.
From December 2010 to April 2011, he participated in the “26th Training Class for Potential Volunteer Lecturers from College Students of Longgang District” and passed the examination. He was hired to be a volunteer training lecturer for the Longgang Area during the 26th Summer Universiade Shenzhen. He combined the spirit of volunteering with his personal experience, helping more students to get to know about volunteers, participate in the volunteer activities, serve the Universiade, and improve the volunteer service quality of Longgang RTVU. Through this training, he hoped that more students could participate into the volunteer team. Under his leadership, the Longgang RTVU volunteer team carried out many supporting activities, such as the “Celebrating and Bringing Glory to the Universiade” environmental protection campaign; the “Prayer Activity for the Third Anniversary of the May 12thWenchuan Earthquake"; the “City Volunteer U Station Service for the Universiade”; the “Supervision Service of Key Zones of the Universiade in Longgang”; the “Universiade Cultural Fair”; the three-month long “Longcheng Park U Station Volunteer Service”; “Love Forever: Longgang RTVU Volunteers in Action”;  “Visit Pengcheng, Tour the Universiade”, the launch ceremony of the Summer Camp for Special Children; activities for Longgan gold people’s home; activities for ZhiKang Special Children, including an assisted teaching service, school opening ceremony, school sports meeting, and “Principal Cup” basketball match.
Li works diligently and has strong organization and coordination abilities. He is efficient in his work, and has a strong sense of innovation. He is serious and responsible, and gets along well with his colleagues and leaders. He has made outstanding achievements at work, including actively assisting the Operation Division to organize and conduct “investment report meeting”, “Securities Shenzhen Gala”, and “China Dream: Walk for Qilu Securities". He organized the business staff to carry out learning exchanges on topics including opening up online and mobile accounts, financing and margin trading, umbrella trust, repurchase pledges of stock rights, and stock options. On behalf of the company, he attended events such as “Peer Activities for the Internet Science and Technology Financial Industry”, and “Shenzhen Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Financial Services Association Member’s Conference”. His individual performance also had a breakthrough, growing from senior marketing representative to chief marketing representative. He has always prioritized study. He studied hard at specialized subjects and actively organized his classmates to carry out learning activities. In life, he is frugal, fighting against waste and extravagance. He is kind, decent, and full of gratitude. During August and September 2012, he participated in serial series of volunteer service activities, titled “Volunteer to Build Civilization”. He advanced the volunteer service spirit of “learning from Lei Feng, sacrificing for others, and improving oneself”, manifesting a positive mental outlook, fully demonstrating the civilized image of Shenzhen, and contributing to the spread of the idea of public civilization. His deeds were well praised by the Volunteer Federation of Longgang District, Shenzhen.
He is passionate about public welfare activities, and is willing to make his due contribution to good deeds. He not only actively plans and organizes volunteer activities at Longgang RTVU, but also takes the initiative to take other volunteers to visit other similar volunteer organizations and gain experience. He is the human resources team leader of the Volunteer Federation of Longgang District and leader of the Teaching Supervision Department. He actively organizes and participates in routine activities and various themed activities, such as on-duty volunteering, civilization publicity, reading campaigns, visits to welfare homes, and volunteer training. Over the past three years, he has contributed to more than 220 activities, amounting to more than 1,000 hours.
While at university for the past three years, Li Guojun achieved great results in his study, work, and life. He hopes that he can work harder in the future, strive for better results, take his past honors as the impetus to inspire and motivate himself, constantly enhance his level of knowledge and working skills, and exercise his exemplary role in study and work.
Honors and awards obtained during his university career:
In August 2011, he was named an “Outstanding Volunteer” of Shenzhen in the “Take Action to Make Shenzhen More Beautiful” universiade volunteer service. In September 2011, he worked as a volunteer in the 26th Summer Universiade Shenzhen and won the title of “Outstanding Volunteer for the Universiade, Longgang Division”. In December 2011, he was awarded the honorary title of 2011 “Outstanding Administrator” for his services to volunteer teaching activities in Longgang District.
In December 2011, he won a special scholarship for outstanding students of Longgang RTVU for the year 2011;
In July 2012, he won the honorary title of “Outstanding Administrator of Longgang RTVU”;
In December 2012, he was named the “Best Team Leader” of the volunteers at Longgang RTVU;
In February 2013, he won a special scholarship for outstanding students of Longgang RTVU for the year 2012;
In March 2013, he was named a 2012 “Four-Star Volunteer” of Longgang District, Shenzhen;
In April 2013, the Shenzhen Volunteer Federation named him a 2012 “Five-star Volunteer”.