Cai Qingliang, Manager of Shenyang Today Photos Advertising Company, enrolled as a junior college student in Business Administration at the Institute of Finance on the main campus of Shenyang Radio and TV University (SYRTVU), a branch of China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU) in the spring of 2011.

In the fall of 2013, he easily graduated and then enrolled in the undergraduate programme of Administration Management.
In 2011, after his enrollment, Cai Qingliang proactively asked to serve as class monitor. Throughout his studies, he actively attended school and led classmates in study. He was the first to hand in homework and always encouraged other students to turn in their homework. Before exams, he would cooperate with tutors to notify others about the exams. Since the first day, he enthusiastically joined the group and was determined to study hard to increase his knowledge. He used his spare time, from 6:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m Monday through Friday, and on Sundays too, to study at the university.  He interacted with the tutors of each subject, bringing with him problems from each lesson and summarizing the central message of the lesson afterwards. He always says that during that difficult period of study at the RTVU’s junior college, the enthusiasm of fellow students and tutors greatly inspired him.
In the first semester, while learning the ‘Fundamentals of Computer Application,’ he led and organized the class into small groups, with a leader for each group to organize learning and communication with their team members.
In the second semester, when the Vocational Skills Training course opened at the university, in addition to attending classes, he utilized his spare time to organize parties for the students to get together. The students’ interest in learning was enhanced and they soon became friends. After each party, he would check to ensure that each student arrived home safely.
Before exams, he would cooperate with tutors and inform students about the exams. Sometimes he would prepare for examinations by copying exercises, reviews, and summaries of the main points for free for the other students. His leadership led to excellent examination results for all of his classmates.
He also enthusiastically organized his classmates to participate in extracurricular activities and actively participated in the school’s organized activities. In 2012, he organized the students to participate in a talent show competition at the school. In 2013, he showcased his talent in the school’s badminton contest!
While still enrolled in school, he used the knowledge he learnt from the RTVU at his job and made tremendous improvements in his professional capacity:
In 2011, he won the title, “Outstanding Employee of the Year;”
In 2012, he earned the title, “Outstanding Employee of the Year” and was promoted to ‘Manager;’
In 2013, he was the sales champion of the year.
Cai Qingliang is enthusiastic about public welfare causes and has organized various philanthropic activities within and outside school.
When he learnt from a TV programme about the family status of a poverty-stricken student, Wang Chunyu, from Shenyang Agricultural University (SYAU), he found Wang Chunyu through media coverage and funded her studies at SYAU for three consecutive years, from 2008 until she completed her studies in 2011. He told Wang Chunyu on the phone: "Remember, you have a brother in Shenyang. Let me know when you are in trouble." During her sophomore year, a computer course opened in Wang Chunyu’s class. After Cai Qingliang learnt of this, he entrusted his friend to send a computer to Wang Chunyu, so that she could better learn from the computer course. Wang Chunyu was not been able to see this kind big brother until her graduation. When asked how he was feeling, Cai Qingliang’s answer was simple: "I am also from a rural area, so I knew her troubles. If I don’t help her, who will? Though I don't know her, I don't want her to repeat my life, losing a learning opportunity. ”
Since his admission in 2011 until now, Cai Qingliang has funded three students, including offering RMB 6,035 for three years’ tuition fees for Guan Tong, an undergraduate accounting major in the class of spring 2011 at the CCRTVU. He gave the same amount for Dong Xu’s tuition fees. Dong Xu majored in accounting in the class of fall 2011. Cai Qingliang also paid for Lu Di’s tuition, a girl in the School of Business Administration at CCRTVU.
When the Financial College of SYRTVU proposed an initiative to raise relief materials among the university’s teachers and students, the first donor to approach teachers was Cai Qingliang, Class One’s monitor from the Business Management major at the Financial College, enrolled in the spring 2011 class. He said that he had come to the campus to hand in his graduation application form. If he had had time, he would have sent himself to the disaster area. He did not know what they needed, so he donated all of the money in his pocket (RMB 1,000). The university hired needed staff for the region as a form of aid for the disaster-stricken people. Led by Cai Qingliang, the funding campaign was carried out like a relay race, with the stick passing from teacher to student alike. They donated supplies and money as well, with the students banding together like strands of a rope. They completed the task, delivering the staff to the disaster scene in a timely manner. Cai Qingliang said that everyone is very busy with work, however, if the university and society needs him, he will rise to the occasion. He sees it as his responsibility. To him, the university and society are his shoulders and it is his task to straighten his shoulders.
He said he would remember that the phrase, "Today I am proud of the RTVU. Tomorrow I will win glory for you!"
While at school, he learnt not only knowledge from books, but more importantly he learnt about the truths of life. He decided that in his later life, he would set strict demands on himself and do his part for society, which would draw a perfect end to professional education, self-cultivation, and spiritual state on the eve of graduation.
He is the kind of student who radiates his infectiously positive attitude out to teachers, fellow classmates, and everyone around, silently standing in the sun, shining like a sunflower.
All of the teachers and students are proud of him and of the school as well. Keep it up, classmates! We are rooting for him, wishing him to have a broader and deeper life path.