Profile: Li Qiuyue studied at the Shifang branch of Deyang RTVU as a junior-college student in 2004, and continued as an undergraduate in 2021.

Profile: Lin Zeyin, an Administration graduate from the Beichen branch of Tianjin Radio and TV University (RTVU) in 2013, a deputy to the Beichen District People's Congress, and secretary of the General Party Branch of Baocui Huadu Community, is also a “National Advanced Individual in the Fight Against Covid-19”, a “National March-8th Red-banner Pacesetter”, and a “Top 100 National Ordinary-citizen Learning Star”.

Profile: Long Shouju, of the Dong ethnic group, and a CPC member, enrolled in the Agricultural Economic Management programme of the "One College Student Per Village" project at Huangshan Open University in fall of 2019.

Profile: Chen Wanghui, a student in the Xiaojin branch of Aba Open University, is secretary of the Party branch in Maoshui village, Dawei Town, Xiaojin County, Sichuan.

Profile: Ruan Lingfei, a junior-college Mechanics (Numeric Control) student, fall of 2012, is the chief technician of Zhejiang Province, a provincial labour model, National May Day Award winner, May 4th Youth Award winner (Zhejiang Province), director of the Quality Control Department of Zhejiang Xinshunfa Sewing Machines, and a delegate to the 20th CPC National Congress.

Sun Yi, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and deputy principal of and a teacher in Tiemenguan No.1 Kindergarten of the Second Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), has been named a "2022 National Model Teacher".

On 23 May 2022, the 2022 shortlist for "National Model Youths" was announced, with three residents of Zhejiang, including Sheng Wenbin, a student in the 2019 autumn-semester Garden Technology class at Xinchang College of Zhejiang Open University, upon it.

When the Qingming Festival (or Tomb-sweeping Day) is approaching, Xinchang enters its busiest season as a major producer of Giant Buddha Longjing Tea. These days, the county features not only traditional tea producers, but also a group of "tea masters" who promote the tea locally.

Zhuo Jixiong, 50, is a member of the Communist Party of China. He entered the junior-college Law programme at China Central Radio and TV University in spring 2005, and is now deputy general manager of the Fuding Power Supply Company of State Grid Fujian Electric Power.

Brief Introduction: Ge Zhaolong is a student majored in the junior-college programme of Construction-project Management at Ninghai Radio and TV University (RTVU) starting from fall term 2020. He is a member of Ningbo City Folk Literature and Art Association, and practices Ninghai traditional stage construction (a Ningbo “intangible cultural heritage”).

On the afternoon of 3 March 2022, the torch relay for the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games was held in Beijing. Zhu Shijie, the chief technician for the Ningbo Zhoushan port, an outstanding OUC alumnus, and winner of such honours as “Craftsman of the Year” and “National Model Worker”, participated as one of the torch bearers.