The Open University of China (OUC), Korea National Open University (KNOU), and the Open University of Japan (OUJ) launched the KNOU-OUC-OUJ International Seminar in 2009. The first seminar was held in South Korea, and participants from the OUC, OUJ, and KNOU held in-depth discussions on the theme of "Innovation in Educational Practices in Open Universities.”

From 2-12 September 2010, a distance education delegation from China Central Radio and TV University (CCRTVU) participated in the second OUJ-OUC-KNOU International Seminar held in Chiba, Japan, joining in-depth exchanges on the topic of "Improving Educational Services in Open Universities.” Participants of the seminar discussed the research and practice of learner support services and teachers’ professional development in distance education in open universities.

The third OUC-OUJ-KNOU International Seminar, which had the theme “The Education Management Reform of Open Universities" was held in Beijing on 19 September 2011. The presidents of the three universities expressed their willingness to strengthen exchange and cooperation in resource co-construction and sharing, research and personnel exchanges, and suggested that substantive work should be launched as soon as possible. On 20 September, a meeting of the presidents of the three universities was held at the Wukesong campus of CCRTVU. At the meeting, the three parties established a memorandum of cooperation. According to the memorandum, the cooperation between the OUC, OUJ, and KNOU will focus on the following three fields in the future: comparative research on cooperation, the exchange of teachers and students, and co-construction and sharing of curriculum resources. The three parties will set up independent working groups and appoint members of the group to be responsible for the exchanges and coordination, and sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the basis of the memorandum of cooperation as soon as possible.


The fourth KNOU-OUC-OUJ International Seminar was held in South Korea from 16-19 September 2012. Presidents and scholars from the OUC, OUJ, and KNOU, as well as renowned international experts engaged in distance education, participated in in-depth discussions on the theme of “The Future of Open Distance Education in a Knowledge Network Society.” A group of six people led by Yang Zhijian, then president of the OUC, attended the seminar. Yang Zhijian gave a report on the founding of the OUC to the delegates. He introduced the OUC’s school running philosophy, core values, and key points of construction and reform, as well as the latest progress that had been made. He also expressed his hope that the exchange platform provided by the seminar could bring the international exchange and cooperation of the OUC, OUJ, and KNOU to the next level, the fields and mechanisms of cooperation could be deepened, and positive contributions to the development of distance education in Asia and beyond could be made.

From 11-15 October 2016, the KNOU hosted the 6th KNOU-OUC-OUJ International Seminar. The seminar’s theme was “Exploring New Roles for Open Universities in Korea, China, and Japan,” with the sub-themes of “Educational Innovation Using New Technology” and “The Status and Prospects of Blended Learning." The presidents of the OUC, OUJ, and KNOU, along with scholars and experts from the universities held in-depth discussions on the theme. An OUC delegation of five people headed by then OUC president Yang Zhijian attended the seminar. Yang Zhijian gave a speech at the opening ceremony. OUC associate professor Han Yanhui delivered an academic report entitled “The Innovation Exploration of Cross-region, One-stop, Team-based Online Facilitation Models: A Case Study of CALL”, while Dr. Cheng Gang gave a speech entitled “Refactoring Learner Support Systems in the Internet Era”. After the seminar, Yang Zhijian signed a cooperative memorandum with KNOU’s acting president, Prof. Kim Oi-Sook, on behalf of the OUC.