Year 2009:

Conferences :

  • 16—17 October, 2009, Beijing, China

    International Forum on Open and Distance Education 

    Theme: Challenges and Opportunities for ODL in Lifelong Learning in a Global Financial and Economic Crisis

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Conferences Participated:

  • 7—10 June, 2009, Netherlands

    23rd ICDE World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education

    Theme: Flexible Education for All: Open-Global-Innovation

  • 10—13 June, 2009, Portland

    Annual Conference of the European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN)

    Theme: Innovative in Learning Communities
  • 22—25 September, 2009, United Kingdom

    The Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning

    Theme: Support Learning in the Digital Age: Rethinking Inclusion, Pedagogy and Quality

  • 3—5 November, 2009, Iran

    23rd Annual Conference of the Asian Association of Open University (AAOU)

    Theme: The Evaluation of Open and Distance Learning Systems

  • 14—15 November, 2009, Japan

    International Conference

    Theme: The Building of Lifelong Communities and the Role of Distance Education: International Perspectives

  • The 1st Asian Psychoanalytic Conference of IPA