The Chinese Language Centre of the Open University of China (OUC) is responsible for teaching Chinese language to overseas learners, spreading Chinese culture and providing support for distance Chinese teaching.                                                                       

In 1996, the State Council Information Office approved the launch of a Chinese teaching TV Channel on the US SCOLA satellite TV network. The OUC (formerly known as China Central Radio & TV University) is responsible for the planning and production of the programme, broadcasting Chinese culture to the US. The channel broadcasts a five-hour Chinese teaching programme on a rolling basis for 24 hours daily. To date, the programme has been broadcast for over 8,000 hours, including approximately 20,000 minutes of original Chinese or Chinese culture programmes.

In 2006, serving as the Chinese learning resources development centre of the Confucius Institute at Michigan State University, the Chinese Language Centre completed the development of a series of online courses, including China Panorama, Easy Chinese, and Exploring Chinese Culture. To date, it has developed over 30,000 minutes of Chinese language and culture teaching video resources, over 50,000 minutes of audio resources, and more than 100 online courses. It implements distance Chinese language teaching via the Internet.

In 2010, the Chinese Language Centre started the construction of the MyEChinese online teaching platform (, which has trained and served over 30,000 students and teachers across the world by offering quality online Chinese language and culture teaching resources and courses. The MyEChinese platform has been selected as a Culture Industry Development Special Fund demonstration project for the journalism and publishing industry.

In 2013, the Chinese Language Centre signed a MOU with the Education, Culture and Sports Department of Riga City Council in Latvia stating its aim to cooperate in establishing the first Chinese distance study centre in the Baltic Sea region. In 2016, a distance Chinese training programme was implemented for ZET’s Pakistani staff, which received a positive response. In 2017, the Chinese Language Centre will embark on an international student project that includes enrolling students on Chinese preparatory courses and preparing for the launch of an undergraduate programme in Chinese Language and Literature (oriented towards international Chinese).

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